The Learning & Organisation Development Roundtable is a Not-for-Profit Community of Insightful Learners to build Capabilities and Transformational Mindsets that can help Members drive Impactful Change. Founded in 2010, the Forum has grown to represent over 22,000+ Members in India and across Asia, and is currently spanning over 5 cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad. The LNOD Roundtable Forum has run over 200+ Learning events and numerous Webinars, Twitter chats, Discussion Forums aimed at building Capability, sharing Best Practices and providing access to Learning & other resources, thereby enabling Insightful exchanges and dialogues. The LNOD Roundtable serves as a Knowledge-sharing and Learning experience platform for Business Heads/ Functional /Line managers of the HR, Learning and OD Community and others.

The Women Leadership Forum of Asia (WLFA) is committed to building Cultures of Inclusion across Organizations, across Multi-generations, for Persons with Disabilities, for LGBTQ Community and promotes all kinds of Socio-Cognitive Diversities. The WLFA brings together Professionals across Asia to exchange ideas, to learn and inspire, and to promote Inclusive Leadership in a changing world. The Women Leadership Forum of Asia is founded on the ideology of a model, we call the 4 Cs – Conviction, Courage, Competence, and Commitment to Shape an Equal Corporate Culture as a microcosm of society

Pinnacle Learning – Pinnacle Learning Solutions works with the Sales Organization and curates Learning solutions using Propreitary Tools, Hacks and Culture building insights to drive Change across levels to deliver Business Impact. We are passionate about working with Sales teams through Workshops, Conferences and Offsites creating learning experiences that help drive Business Results. Pinnacle works in both the B to C and B to B spaces and had Top notch Faculty that is as passionate about working with the Sales Organizations to drive innovation, new thinking, build Spesd and Agility to enable High Performance.

Leogirl Productions РLeogirl Productions, through its plays, caters to a fast-changing business environment that demands organisations become contemporary in their approach to diversity and inclusion, learning and messaging needs revamping. Gone are the days of the 8-hour classroom training programs, today’s audiences need messaging that is visual and experiential. Theatre, Film and the medium of storytelling is a wonderful way to hold up a mirror for reflection and drive insight for change. Leogirl creates concise 45-min play productions followed by powerful, curated discussions as well as corporate communication campaigns to explore issues such as Gender Diversity, Women Leadership, Prevention of Sexual Harrassment, LGBT Sensitization, Employee Engagement, Generational Diversity using the power of storytelling. Leogirl is also well-entrenched in producing public theatre and films.

Awarathon – Awarathon is an AI based platform which enables competency gap identification, maximizes workforce effictiveness and minimizes training costs. It also allows organizations to optimize their Salesforce

QuestionPro – QuestionPro is a web based software for administering online surveys, enabling easy collection and recording of responses, data and real time results

6Ds – Capstone is committed to, the 6 Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning Philosophy and represents the 6Ds company in India