Capstone Leadership And Change Practice

Capstone's People, Culture, Change Practice

At the Capstone organization, we believe Leadership Development Solutions must be contextually relevant, theoretically robust and philosophically integrated to become impactful. We believe our Solutions enable positive Business impact And Value Creation.


Each Solution is proprietary, in that it has been indigenously developed through Thought Leadership, Insights developed through rigorous experience that integrates with the rigor of Research and Thought Leadership of our many outstanding Partners and Empanelled Associates. Each solution is invariably curated and customized using contemporary pedagogy and proprietary Diagnostics process that enables us to hit Bulls Eye- each time with our Learning Solutions and Advisory for Culture Change…

In Turbulent Business Times, Companies must re-invent themselves else risk being overtaken and lose relevance.

Leaders need introspection and Reflection on Control and Leadership Styles that can stifle Inclusion, voice and Innovation.

Innovation is no longer Good-to-have but a Strategic Priority! Leaders need to exercise Restraint demonstrate Gravitas and Social Intelligence, be Masters at Change Management, and demonstrate EQ and evoke discretionary Contributions.

Here is an Indicative list of Leadership Capability programs we have offered in the context of driving Meaningful Change through new thinking and behaviours :

Leading for Inclusion.

Exponential Leadership

Leadership and Managing Change

Executive Presence for Leaders

Leadership and Team Excellence

Leading High Performing Teams

Introducing our new Leadership Development - Quadrant Programs

Leader as Storyteller

Building Ownership and Accountability through Employeeship.

Reflective Conversations/ Performance Conversations for Leaders.

Leader as Coach- find the Guru within.

Certified Presenter Program for Leaders

Executive Coaching - 90 Minutes to Insight

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