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That the humanities have been largely ignored in Management Literature is a fact – depriving Managers of the rich treasure trove of Literature, Poetry, Philosophy, Dance, Theatre – all art forms that can nurture the human spirit with Empathy and Compassion, we so keenly search within organizations. InnovLearn leverages this underutilized Gold mine to offer differentiated innovative and efficient Learning experiences.

An Education without the humanities would be like waking up on a Desert Island with no senses, no memory, no reason lost in the sand, yet guided by the illusion of certainty. What an awful fate!”

– Jodie Foster ’85 B.A, ’95 D.F.A. Hon

Leadership Lessons from Jazz Music-

Jazz bands offer a provocative model to consider as we get Teams to deliver in a VUCA world! The model of Jazz musicians improvising collectively offers a clear and powerful example of how people and teams can coordinate, be productive and create amazing innovations.

Leadership Lessons from Jazz introduces a new model for leading & collaborating- the Art of leading Effectively and simultaneously being open to being Lead at different stages of the decision-making process. This workshop describes how People Managers like skilled Jazz Players need to master the art of experimenting proactively and accept the Principals of Jazz Music and synthesis into a Performance.

Theatre for Learning and Reflections in association with Leogirl Productions-
Theatre is clearly an under-utilized medium for driving change. The platform to enact varied situations and the interplay through dialogue and relatable characters. Theatre is a powerful medium to present layered issues, especially in the area of:

  • Gender Diversity
  • Generational Diversity
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Life post retirement
  • Marriage and Careers
  • Women Empowerment and Leadership


Drama has the power to help audiences engage with issues deeply and personally, producing thought for reflection.
Using Music, Literature and Story-telling for Reflection & Learning –¬†Capstone offerings in this space are uniquely curated to deliver High Impact experiences. Our products and offerings in this space have received rave reviews across Clients, Industries and Audiences.

  • Collaboration Lessons from World Music
  • Leadership and Collaboration – The Shackleton Story
  • Drums Collective
  • Music Cafe
  • Leadership Lessons from World Literature
  • Dance Therapy

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Theatre: An Effective Medium for Communication and Reflection