What do you do with your Engagement Scores? Use it to Change Leadership Styles – Build Cultures of Positive Management

What do you do with your Engagement Scores? Use it to Change Leadership Styles – Build Cultures of Positive Management

The turbulent and unpredictable Business environment coupled with disruptions caused through Technology, Globalization and Demographic shifts – has made Organization’s and Leadership even more Task oriented to find ways to sustain Performance. 

Annual Employee surveys are checks to ensure the People part of the Enterprise remains in focus so Organization’s reflect on the price they may have paid in terms of Culture, Talent and Employer Brand to remain competitive. 

With most Organizations now employing over 60% Millennials, but still being led by Past Generations deeply immersed in the paradigm Power Distance in Communication and Styles can make the ‘Experience’ of work Stifling and Disempowering. 

Especially with most Organizations waking up to the benefits of Positivity, Mindfulness, Wellness and Well-being as key components to building contemporary Work Cultures – Positive Management is the ideal solution for building Happy Organizations as the meeting place of Task AND People! 

Positive Management is rooted in Positive Psychology and provides great insights into Strength-based Change, Empowerment and Delegation, Building Cultures of Hope, Optimism, What Engaging Leadership would organically mean for Your Organization, Leadership Conversations, Collaborative teams that truly Trust each other, Compassion as an Organizational Value. The outcome is invaluable Cultures of Ownership and Accountability! 

At Capstone People Consulting we have been working with Clients through our Positive Management interventions to drive Positive Change and Build Culture as your Key differentiator!!!

Most importantly these interventions have seen Organizations unleash new energies for Contribution and Innovation, Moved the needle on Engaging Leadership styles and helped Organization’s Measure what really Matters MOST in their Context!!

Capstone – Preparing Organizations to get Future-ready! 

For more on Capstone’s Positive Management Intervention please contact Sunith at +91 7400488288 or Rupali at +91 9869325646. Visit www.capstonepeople.com to know more about us! 

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