Capstone’s Executive Presence Programs help Navigate Strategic Change Agendas

Capstone’s Executive Presence Programs help Navigate Strategic Change Agendas

Executive Presence has been described as the X Factor that some Leaders have – others don’t. The ability to command and influence a room easily because of – How you look? How you speak? How you behave? 

This belief has allowed Executive Presence Capability Building to lapse into a Grooming and Etiquette Program across organizations. 

At Capstone we believe Leadership/Executive Presence can be developed through building a great First Impression, demonstrating Sophistication and Social intelligence and most of all Demonstrate the ability to navigate the Corridors of Power within Organizations through Leadership Maturity and Political Savvy. 

Our Powerful Capability Building programs in the space of Leadership Presence are helping our Clients build powerful Succession and Leadership Pipelines. But what has been most fascinating is how Capstone’s Leadership Presence Programs are helping Leaders navigate Strategic Acquisition scenarios – and work confidently through the Post- Acquisition Integration processes to Influence Change, Navigate Ambiguity and demonstrate both Confidence and Resilience that is both Powerful and Inspiring…

To know more of Capstone’s Impactful Change Management and Capability Building programs especially on Executive Presence, please contact Sunith at 7400488288 or Rupali at 9869325646. 

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